About us

About us

The Sowelo Foundation was founded in June 2017 a a informal group of Specialist who are operating in the area of social projects in the field of social and professional activation of persons with disabilities, as well as is a social enterprise employing workers with disabilities. The Group was registered as The Sowelo Foundation in September 2018.

Our key values are: independence, equal treatment and full participation in social life of people with disabilities. As from 2018, he also runs an online store that offers various product imported from India and enables people with disabilities to match their aspirations. The Foundation employs six persons. Four of those employees are the persons with disabilities.

The Foundation staff co-created and implemented projects co-financed by the City of Poznań „Independence on the telephone – assistant services for the residents (with disabilities) of Poznań”, „Independence on the telephone 2 – assistance services for the residents of Poznań”. The Sowelo Foundation co-implemented the project „Independence on the phone – 3 assistant services for the residents (with disabilities) of Poznań” (completed on 31.12.2019). We are currently implementing (in partnership with the Monar Association) the „You have AS(sistance), you can do more” project, co-financed by the City of Poznań. The project, which will last until 31/12/2021, assistance services will cover a total of at least 150 persons with disabilities residing in Poznań and directed to participate in the project by the local department of social support. Simultaneously there are training and supervision sessions for assistants.

The acquisition of group work skills and management of: time, information and professional development by persons with disabilities is the essence of the project “Włączające Development Center – stworzenie modelu wielowymiarowej oceny kompetencji dostosowanego do potrzeb ON” (“Inclusive Development Centre – building the model of multi-dimensional evaluation of competence, adapted to the needs of people with disabilities”). Time management and building satisfying, goal-oriented and constructive interpersonal relationships are skills acquired by people with disabilities when working with their personal assistants. It takes place as part of the Foundation’s implementation of assistant services as well as the project based on gamification addressed to the young and adult persons with mental impairments.

We are constantly looking for NGO’s, institutions and informal groups as the solid potential partners and allies. Our staff has got experience of cooperation with the transnational partners, e.g. The SOS Enterpreneurs Foundation from Bulgaria. If you would like to cooperate with us or you would like to ask questions, please do not hesitate to contact Hanna Łęcka (hanna.lecka@sowelo.net.pl) or Łukasz Orylski (lukasz.orylski@sowelo.net.pl). Both persons are available from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 3 pm.